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Some Latinos shifting support from Sanders to Clinton

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) - Bernie Sanders managed to mention Hillary Clinton once in his speech and some who cheered him at the League of United Latin American Citizens conference said they too are adjusting to shifting their support to her.

There were screams and cheers and a rush to the stage when Sanders walked on to speak at the LULAC luncheon.

Although he has yet to suspend his campaign, Sanders began the work of bringing it to an end with an endorsement of Clinton at a rally the two attended in New Hampshire Tuesday. Clinton was scheduled to address the LULAC conference on Thursday.

The transition from backing him to supporting Clinton is still in the works for Flora Ornelas, 18, a member of a LULAC council in Dallas.

"He gave us a sense of hope, a sense of safety. Like we had that in our heads and even though it's not going to happen, we know there are people out there who are eventually going to be able to think as he does," said Ornelas, who will vote for the first time this year.

She said LULAC has an office in her neighborhood that reaches out to Latino youth to help them get through high school and to college and that's how she became involved in the organization.

Sanders was introduced by actor Edward James Olmos, who is active in working to turn out the Latino vote. In introducing him, Olmos said he has declined a number of presidential campaigns who wanted him to speak on their candidate's behalf, but accepted when Sanders asked because "no one has done more to bring out the young voters."

Before the speech, Sanders held a closed-door meeting with members of LULAC's Young Adults and Youth councils and answered some of their questions.

Sanders' mention of Clinton came when he spoke of his campaign's work with her on the Democratic Party platform, which he called the "most progressive platform of the Democratic Party."

Sanders did throw some support to Clinton without mentioning her and by attacking GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Sanders said he'd everything he could to make sure Trump does not become president.

"Most of us, I would hope all of us, are appalled by the divisive, bigoted and xenophobic comments of people like Donald Trump," he said. " ... His labeling of Mexicans as rapists and criminals repulses all Americans of goodwill."

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