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Can Iowa Bernie supporters back Clinton?

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Sanders and Clinton joining forces, but do his Iowa supporters agree? We spoke with local Democrat and passionate Bernie supporter Gary Kroeger. He even endorsed Sanders back in October.

He says, "I thought this was one of the most meaningful movements of American people that have ever witnessed in my 59 years."

With the "bern" out, can he and others support Clinton? Kroeger says yes.

"I'm not afraid to say I am going to support Hillary Clinton. I believe in the essential platform statements that we are now constructing and I want to move those forward," he says.

KWWL Political Analyst Chris Larimer says he expects 90 percent of Bernie supporters to follow suit.

"There is really no place for those Sanders supporters to go. There's so much difference between Clinton and Trump on almost every issue that the choice for Sanders supporters is either don't vote or vote for Clinton," he says.

Larimer says this is the boost Clinton's campaign needed to keep Trump out of the White House.

Some Bernie supporters are feeling burned by the endorsement today though, tweeting using the hashtag "Bernie lost me." There's still a ways to go before November though and Clinton is agreeing to push some of Bernie's proposals like free college and public option healthcare.

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