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UPDATE: Teen dies from injuries after hit by van while playing 'hostage'

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UPDATE: According to City High Principal John Bacon, J.C. Meardon has died. Meardon was a junior at the high school and a member of the soccer team.

There is a candlelight vigil at 9 p.m. Wednesday night on the City High soccer field, or in the cafeteria if it rains.

Counselors are available at City High until 3 p.m. today.

Students in need of extra assistance past 3 p.m. can reach out to the principal.


The Johnson County Sheriff's Department confirms the 2 boys hit by a van on Monday night were playing the game "Hostage."

The Sheriff also says it's too early to determine if the driver, Julia Elgatian, will face charges.

There is no update available on the condition of the boy who is now in serious condition after getting hit by the van.

A teenager is in the hospital and could die from his injuries after being hit by a van.

Police say three boys were in the middle of Dane Road in Johnson County Monday night when a van hit two of them, leaving one of the boys with life threatening injuries.

We are told friends are devastated, and the accident happened while the boys were playing a popular game called "Hostage."

"There's two teams and so there's a driver and a passenger in one car and then a driver and a passenger in another car," says Bella Pittman, a Iowa City High student.

"There's usually two to three people in each car in the back of the car that's blindfolded," she added.

Pittman says the blindfolded friends are dropped off somewhere random and left to call for a ride, and describe their surroundings.

"The other car has to see if they can find them," she told us.

Pittman says it's the game three boys were playing when two were hit by a van, leaving one in serious condition.

We are told the boys thought the oncoming van was their friend, in on the game, coming to pick them up.

"His friends are really devastated they are very shocked at what happened because this hasn't happened before,"  Pittman says.

The tragedy, leaving some Iowa City High students to question the game meant for a good time.

"I think everyone who usually plays this game will be in shock for awhile you know the friend I was talking to this morning said she's really scared to play Hostage now," says Pittman.

While on scene KWWL noted the road is rural, there are no street lights and there isn't much of a shoulder to stand on.

The accident happened just before 11 p.m. Monday.

Police say Julia Elgatian of Iowa City was the driver of the van, she was on her way home from work at the time of the accident.

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