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'Pokémon Go' taking over Iowa

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Some Iowa police departments are getting suspicious person reports because people are out at all hours playing 'Pokémon Go'. Evansdale Police Department responded to a call early this morning.

It's a fun game through your smartphone that uses GPS technology, but it's easy to get distracted.

Nearly everywhere you look, people are playing.

Madeline Rohlf says, "I mean it's taking over our town, literally everyone is playing."

With everyone staring at their phones though, it's raising some safety concerns.

Rohlf says "I see people walking around late and that's kind of freaky especially because they go close by houses."

Brittany Reints says, "Don't go out walking alone at night, you should play in groups."

The Iowa Department of Transportation reminding everyone not to play while driving, sending out this tweet saying, "We love Pokémon too but please don't do it while driving."

A great thing about this game is that it's getting people outside walking around. One boy tells KWWL who he walked more than 24 miles this weekend while playing.

Three men were arrested in Missouri for allegedly using the game to rob people in isolated areas. Also, a woman playing in Wyoming found a dead body while searching for creatures.

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