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9-11 Firefighters in Iowa react to Dallas shooting

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This weekend, Eastern Iowa is hosting some very special guests.

Four New York City Firefighters, who were there when the towers fell, are now sharing their experiences with us.

And with the deadliest incident for police officers since the 9-11 attacks taking place just 24 hours ago in Dallas, the 9-11 firefighters say it hits home.

As the men remember the tragedy that hit their home and took the lives of their fellow first responders 15 years ago, they recognize a new pain throughout the nation. 

"How can you explain what happened yesterday? A lunatic takes it upon himself to get back at somebody who he doesn't even know," said retired New York Fire Captain Vincent Doherty.

 A connection of service, family, and faith. Something Captain Doherty says firefighters share with all police officers.

"We also need to have a strong faith to explain what happens to us on a day to day basis and what we are going to see. Because a lot of times we see the worst of humanity. Law enforcement sees the worst of humanity day in and day out. That is their job," said Doherty.

The 9-11 exhibit a connection between the past and the present conflicts here in the United States and a reminder to stand united.

 "Domestically as your EMS, fire, and law enforcement we respond to the incidents of terror, to those emergencies, those fires that are going to do you harm," said Doherty.

After witnessing the devastation of a foreign enemy firsthand, Doherty is frustrated by the current divide that has Americans fighting Americans. 

"It is a terrible tragedy. It is not a time to be divided, but a time to be united," said Doherty.

The traveling 9-11 exhibit part of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation which supports first responders and veterans affected by The War on Terrorism.

The 9-11 exhibit will be open Saturday, July 9th, at the Jesup Farmers Day. 

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