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Waterloo Police respond to national violence

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Across the country and right here at home citizens and police officers are mourning the deadliest day in law enforcement in 15 years.

Even behind the stoic exterior of police officers, you can tell the deadly Dallas incident is on the minds of local law enforcement.

What looks and sounds like any other day for police is anything but.

"It shouldn't affect us all that much, but naturally it will," Waterloo Police officer Darin Rulapaugh said.

Officer Rulapaugh said he can't help but worry if the violence gains momentum.

"Unfortunately, I think if things continue the way they're going without some significant heart changes in people across this country, we're going to see more of that stuff," Officer Rulapaugh said.

Despite the location of the recent violence, Rulapaugh said there's still a connection.

"Even though we don't know those guys, and they're half a country away, and just by virtue the same line of work," Rulapaugh said.

Officer Rulapaugh says even though Waterloo is far from immune to the violence around the nation, he says he takes ease living in a community where there's a bridge of support between law enforcement and citizens -- with community members expressing their appreciation for police throughout the day.

"It's nice to know that there are those people, probably the vast majority of this town, this state, and this country. that's still the overall attitude people have," Rulapaugh said.

According to police departments around the area, they're experiencing an outpouring of support through social media, in person, and even with people dropping off snacks to local departments.

According to Waterloo Police, they will likely send local officers to attend funeral services in Dallas to show their support when announced.

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