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Man sentenced after he steals bones

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A Wisconsin man sentenced in federal court after stealing Native American's bones from a national monument. 76-year-old Thomas Munson admits to stealing the bones from Effigy Mounds in 1990 and keeping them in his garage for two decades.

Twenty years, that's how long Thomas Munson hid these bones before being caught.

"Why did Munson's crime go unsolved for twenty years? Munson. Munson created or caused to be created fake documents covering up where these human people, human remains went, he lied to people who were looking into where these human remains went," said Assistant US Attorney Forde Fairchild

Muson was the superintendent at Effigy Mounds National Monument when he stole the bones in 1990.

Munson apparently worried a new law would require museums to return the remains of ancestors to the tribes they came from, so he took them.

The defense claims the crime was an "uncharacteristic act" for Munson saying he has health problems.

"The conduct that was punished today was truly outrages conduct. You have a person who holds a public trust, someone who knows better than anyone what he is guarding," said Fairchild .

He stole remains, breaking trust and committing a class a misdemeanor according to the judge.

One victim saying today he wants to look into Munson's eyes and see what kind of sick mind does something like this.

"Munson committed this crime knowingly and deliberately and then he covered it up for twenty years," said Fairchild.

Munson will wear a ankle bracelet to make sure he does not leave his home during his one year of probation.    

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