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Waterloo Police officer stops to play basketball

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A neighborhood praising recent police activity in their neighborhood, but not for solving a crime. A photo, snapped by a woman who saw police sergeant shooting hoops with a group of kids in Waterloo.

Kids from this Waterloo neighborhood say they were playing a normal basketball game when a police officer pulled up asking if he could play.

"He had so much confidence, but he missed every single shot, it was funny," said Esidro Stuart.

Jaylan Lomax was playing outside with his friend when Sargent Rob Camarata pulled up.

"He just drove by and asked me was I good and I said, well ask my friends and they said I was good then he stopped and started playing with us," said Jaylan Lomax.

They boys say they are both inspired by what they experienced.

"When he stopped and asked you know can I play, are you good, that was a touching thing, it was inspiring," said Stuart.
"It felt nice, like everybody try to make cops seem like they are bad people but actually they not, they friendly just like everyone else is," said Lomax.

The boys say around fifteen kids gathered around to watch.

"They were cheering more for him then they were for me," said Lomax.

Saying the the chance to play with the officer is something they won't forget.

"Happy, inspiring, especially to the little kids, the youth group and they need something like that," said Stuart.

A neighbor tells me it's a good feeling to have cops in the neighborhood for fun, not for a crime.

The Waterloo Police Department says this is a great example of the positive interactions their officers are involved in on a daily basis.

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