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Dubuque Police looking for man who stole fundraiser container

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The Dubuque community is raising money to help 22-year-old Jake Hesselman buy a specialized van, including Beecher's Ice Cream Shop. 

"Jake lives right down the street here...about a block or so, right down the street. Known him all...ever since he's been a little guy," said shop owner, Brian Beecher.

Jake was born without limbs -- both arms and legs.

Some thieves took a jar filled with cash meant help him buy that van. "The girl's that night say it was really full, there was twenties and tens in it, our customers are really generous," Beecher added.

But what the thieves didn't know was that their images were being caught right on camera. "So I looked at our surveillance camera, and found a person that was kinda hanging around, and all of a sudden, he just took it right off the counter, and walked out the door with it," Beecher said.

The suspects are a man and a woman. Dubuque police say they might be associated with a gold or similar colored Chevy Impala. 

As for Jake, he's just looking forward to the day when he can truly feel independent with his own van. "After getting my license, I was really, really excited, I was very happy, just because I now know I'm able to drive, and be part of what everyone else is doing," he said.

Jake also says this is disappointing, however, he thanks those who have supported him.

Dubuque police say, so far, they've received many tips from the public about who the thieves might be.



Dubuque Police are looking for a man and woman who allegedly stole a container full of cash for a local fundraiser.

Police say a man allegedly took a container believed to have a few hundred dollars from Beecher's Ice Cream Shop & Gas Station.  The money was being raised for a special vehicle for Jacob Hasselman, a local disabled man.

According to police, both the man and woman are suspects, and are believed to be associated with a gold or similarly colored Chevy Impala.

Police say they have had early success developing leads.

It remains under investigation.

KWWL's Shirley Descorbeth contributed to this report.

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