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Chief says 30 people responsible for violence

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Waterloo Police investigating yet another shooting.

The shooting on Marsh Street and Campbell Avenue Monday night ended with two homes hit.

This is the 52nd shooting this year and Police Chief Dan Trelka says it is a small group of individuals responsible for most of the violence.

KWWL's Jessica Hartman spoke to Chief Trelka after he posted to Facebook, praising his officers for their hard work and asking those who know the people responsible for the violence to speak up.

Mixed with the sound of fireworks this 4th of July was the sound of a gun going off. 

Two homes were hit; neither the suspected target.

One homeowner discovering what he thought was a firework hitting his house was actually a bullet.

A slightly different angle and it could have hit him sitting in his living room chair.

"That bullet is 15 feet from where I am sitting. It could kill someone and it happens. Why people don't care? Why something isn't done about it? I don't know," said Mark Graham, a long time Waterloo resident whose home was hit.

Another bullet piercing an apartment window just a foot above where a man was sitting.

Just one of several near misses in the 4th of July shooting and one of countless in the more than 50 shootings this year alone.

Waterloo is lucky there have been no serious injuries or deaths, but eventually, luck runs out.

"Thirty people. Basically, thirty people. Our shootings is a good example. When it comes to all the shootings we experience, last year we had a 148, about a dozen of those, people were actually hit. The others, they were shooting at houses; shooting at cars. It is basically 30 individuals that are involved in those shootings," said Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka.

Waterloo Police say they are working hard to put these people away and they will, but Chief Trelka is also asking those who know these individuals to speak up.

The stigma of "no snitching" among the community, now breaking down. Chief Trelka says people are tired of the violence.

"No matter where you sit or how you look at the community, everybody is getting tired of it. We are starting to get more information; secondhand information, through the tip line, people approaching the officers, people calling dispatch, people calling 911. It looks like we are finally breaking down these barriers we had, to try and get information on some people who are engaged in this behavior and it is being fruitful," said Trelka.

 Chief Trelka also shining a light on the hard work and dedication of his officers to make Waterloo a safer city.

This weekend alone, Waterloo Police took six illegal guns off the streets and made several arrests.

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