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Powers and Klein face off for Waterloo Ward 1 Council seat

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Candidates competing for the vacant Waterloo City Council seat are making every last push.

The Waterloo Ward 1 special election is just a week from today. The vacancy comes after city councilman David Jones resigned in April. 

In several recent votes, the city council has been deadlocked 3 to 3 and council members say they've been having trouble moving forward on issues. That's why they say this special election is so important in making progress. 

Waterloo City Council meetings have been frustrating both council members and Waterloo residents with the lack of progress in the past few months. 

"I've heard and said, our city council is very much like the Supreme Court," said City Councilman Steve Schmitt. "We are just very black and white. Three one way. Three the other."

Two Waterloo natives are running for the vacant seat.

Margaret Klein and Tom Powers are both looking to fill the vacancy. 

KWWL asked both candidates if they sided with one faction or the other. 

"I have heard people say wow, she must be on the Pat Morrissey camp or she must be in the Steve Schmitt camp," said Klein. "I'm in no ones camp. I intend to walk right down the middle."

"With the way the city council is operating, I think I can be the person that can bring us all together," said Powers. 

Both candidates see eye to eye on the need to lower taxes in Waterloo.

"I think we can figure out new ways to grow our economy rather than taxing our economy," said Powers. 

"I think if we control taxes we'll control so much of every other problem the city is facing, even crime," said Klein. 

Klein said she's also looking at the Riverfront, saying it's a vital resource that's being ignored.

"I think we need to develop the river," said Klein. "When I was growing up here, everyone went to the river. On the weekends there were as many as 500 boats in the river. With water skiers. Can you imagine the commerce that brought?"

Powers also commented on plans he has for Waterloo. 

"University avenue, making that a business friendly quarter, with complete reconstruction of that road," said Powers. "Riverfront development, enhancing the riverfront."

Both candidates say although they don't have a lot of political experience, they are ready to make a change.

Klein and Powers agreed that Waterloo needs to work on its image. Both seem to agree that by boosting Waterloo's economy, the city can do so. 

Absentee voting is now open.

The special election will take place on July 12th. 

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