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Lawn mower catches fire

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A crisis averted. Fire crews respond quickly after a John Deere lawn mower bursts into flames.

The fire happening in Raymond earlier today. The whole body of the lawn mower melted, even the tires.

Patsy Kerr says she's been cutting her grass with the same lawn mower every week for over ten years. This was an ordinary day for her until she saw black smoke coming from her garage.

The lawn mower destroyed after it catches fire.

 "We saved a garage and we didn't want that kind of fireworks today but we got it right?" said Don Peters, neighbor.

"Black smoke and like I said the lawn mower was completely engulfed, it just looked like a big fireball sitting in the middle of my garage," said Patsy Kerr, home owner.

 You can still smell the burning rubber in the air at the home, the owner remembering what happened.

"I mowed my lawn and put my lawn mower away, I went in the house to do a few things and I come back out to put something in my garage and it was on fire," said Kerr.

Homeowner Patsy Kerr ran to her neighbor's house for help and he started to put out the fire.

"The flames were probably four feet maybe five. I kind of stood around the corner because I was afraid the gas tank was going to blow so I stood around the corner and I probably got the flames down to about twenty percent left," said Peters.

Don Peters says this isn't the Fourth of July he planned, but he is proud of what he did for his neighbor.

"I cannot believe that it didn't go up in the roof, I would say in a matter of minutes that whole thing would have been going," said Peters.

The Raymond Fire Department tells me they are not sure how the fire was started, but they remind people to hose excess grass off of lawn mowers and put it away safely.

No one hurt, but there was some damage to the garage.

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