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Firework Safety

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Local firefighters reminding people to be cautious this week explaining how to stay safe and have good time.

When you think the Fourth of July, you think fireworks. They're a staple item, but they can cause serious injuries. Even the small sparklers sold right here in Iowa.

A t-shirt in flames in less than twenty seconds all thanks to a sparkler.

"With sparklers that two-thousand degree heat is like a welding rod that instant touch to your skin is going to cause second and third degree burns," said Rob Inouye, Cedar Falls Fire Captain.

Burns that sent sixty-nine Iowan's to the emergency room in 2014 according to the Iowa Department of Health.

"People feel that they are in control of that sparkler the reality is, it's probably the most dangerous because we are putting our fingers closest something that is over two thousand degrees hot," said Inouye.

Two-thousand degrees, capable of burning people's hands and faces if not careful.

"Over thirty percent of burns occur on hands and another fifteen to twenty percent occur on the head and face that's because people are either using more than one, they're not holding it correctly, or they're harassing each other, kids playing with them," Inouye.

Grandmother Carol Bruxvoort watches her grand kids playing with sparklers and says as long as there's an adult around and they're used correct, they can be safe.

"I think Iowans have figured out that they know how to use them responsibility and safely," said Jeff Danielson, State Senator.

The Cedar Falls Fire Department stresses all fireworks are dangerous, legal or not. Saying if used, keep water close by and light one at a time.

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