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Deaths on Iowa roads are up

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Several car accidents are concerning the Iowa State Patrol as we head into the Fourth of July weekend.

One accident happening on highway 380, a tire came off a semi truck as it was heading north. The tire rolled across the median striking a car heading south. A mother and her three daughters were in that car, police say they were not hurt.

In Iowa county, three people are killed in a crash. According to the Iowa Sate Patrol,Renee Jones went off the shoulder and over corrected, crossing the center line crashing with another SUV. Both drivers and a 9-year-old passenger got hurt.

42-year-old Marilynn Coon, 14-year-old Hailey Cruise and eleven-year-old Cherokee Neimann all died. All three were from Williamsburg.

Iowa State Patrol's main goal is to keep Iowa roads safe, but they say the number of deadly crashes, more than 180 deaths on Iowa roads in the last six months, is concerning patrol officers.

Focused, something the Iowa State Patrol say drivers need to be.

"Sometimes motorist don't realize how dangerous driving can be. Like I said, you take your eyes off the road for a split second, so I would definitely encourage people to stay focused on the road," said Trooper Michelle Beck.

Because of the increase in fatalities Iowa State Patrol is doing everything they can to keep the roads safe.

"The fatality rate this year for vehicle accidents is up to 181 which is 49 more than we had last year at this time, it is very concerning to all of us because our main job is to keep the motorist of Iowa safe," said Trooper Beck.

One way to keep Iowans safe, preventing distracted driving.

"I think a lot of it has to do with distracted driving, which is one of the most dangerous things that I have seen since I've been a trooper. People on their cell phones, messing with their radio, trying to look where they are going, get directions on their phone, just taking your eyes off the road for split second can cause an accident, and people don't realize how dangerous that can be," said Trooper Beck.

Dangerous and possibly deadly. Something the Iowa State Patrol does not take lightly hoping to lower the number of deaths on the road.

"It's a little disheartening like I said we wanna make sure everyone is safe on the roadways in Iowa and you know we are doing all that we can unfortunately there are circumstances out of our control," said Trooper Beck.

Trooper Beck also says she takes the amount of deaths personally and hopes state patrol can prevent deadly crashes in the second half of the year.

Troopers will have increased patrols throughout the state for the holiday weekend.

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