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Girl beats medical odds

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A young girl from Eastern Iowa is shocking every doctor who looks at her. Born with one-third of her brain missing doctors are shocked at the progress she has made.

Doctors say they didn't think Haley Willis would make it two hours, but she's turning 13-years-old next week. You can't help but smile when talking with her. She was talking, laughing and thriving, something doctors said she would never do.

"The doctor came in laid his hand on my leg and said there is something wrong with your baby the head did not close and there is a large sack growing behind the head called an encephalocele, it's a Neural Tube defect, there's very little chance of survival," said Lynel Willis, Haley's mother.

Lynel Willis was 19 weeks pregnant with a baby girl when doctors told her she should terminate the pregnancy, but Lynel chose not to.

"They removed the encephalocele, the day after she was born and they said she would never see, hear, walk or talk and that we should just take her home after four days in the Nic-U and said to enjoy her she will be gone in two weeks," said Lynel.

It's been almost 13 years, Haley is thriving.

"They called her a fluke, they said her chromosomes were normal, our chromosomes were normal and just said she shouldn't be here and obviously she wasn't a fluke she was meant to be here," said Lynel.

Even Haley Grace agrees.

"i am not a fluke,"said Haley Willis.

After losing one-third of her brain she can see, walk and hear. Her parents say doctors claim science can't explain it.

"There's just a place that science stops and a higher power just enters in," said Lynel.

Haley has beat all of the odds, soon beating one more, riding her own bicycle. Though it's not a normal bike, Haley is excited to ride it.

 "I think she just accepts there are some things she can't do, but everything that she does she does with a smile on her face, it's just absolutely amazing," said Jeff Willis, Haley's father.

Haley's sister's tell me how important it is to them the family will finally be able to ride bikes together.Haley's mother says the teal, two seater bike will be given to Haley on her 13th birthday in July.

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