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Independence restaurant owner back at work

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An Independence man, facing possible deportation, is back home with his family tonight. 

36-year-old Miguel Hernandez-Picano was detained by immigration officials three weeks ago for being in the country illegally. 

Hernandez-Picano was released yesterday from Hardin County Correctional Center after his bond hearing Monday morning. 

Today, he is back right where he calls home, his restaurant Del Rio in Independence. 

It was a happy reunion for the community but the sense of fear remains, as he still faces deportation. 

Tonight, he tells us why he deserves a fighting chance. 

"You always sacrifice everything you need to do, to build something in your life," said Hernandez-Picano.

Many people of Independence say he's the most hard working man in town. And it's easy to see why. From cook, to greater, to waiter, there's no job he doesn't do. 

"What's the American Dream? I think everybody has the same dream," says Hernandez-Picano. "Give the best you can for your family." 

He says he came to the U.S. 10 years ago to give his son a fighting chance. 

Hernandez-Picano says his son was facing a heart problem and could only get the help he needed here in the U.S. But his son didn't make it. 

"When he passed away, there was pretty much nothing else to go back to Mexico to." 

He says that he stayed in the U.S. when he knew it was illegal because he had a chance here, whereas back in Mexico there were "a lot of problems." 

As Hernandez-Picano faces deportation, he thinks about the past three weeks in jail. 

"I feel like all the work that I was doing in my life, was just gone in seconds," he says. "I always believe we have to give a chance, because it we don't give changes to people, to prove they can be different, that they can benefit the community and the country, then how can we be better?" 

His lawyer says as of right now, there hasn't been a date set for his next hearing. His lawyer also tells us immigration courts move very slowly, and this is just the start of a long process moving forward. 

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