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Sturgis Falls should be dry thanks to asphalt

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Sturgis Falls returns to Eastern Iowa this weekend.The 41st annual celebration is themed, "Let the Good Times Roll." Volunteers were in Cedar Falls today, preparing for the event.

Sturgis Falls in the past has been flooded. Today, it's all dry.

"We had five and half inches of rain on Wednesday morning and right now we would be standing on wood chips and mud and everything else," said Jay Stoddard, president of Sturgis Falls Celebration.

With all of the heavy rain we got this week people at Sturgis Falls could be standing in mud, but thanks to a hefty donation wet feet will not be a problem.

"This cost us zero and it cost the city zero this was donated by Aspro," said Stoddard.

Thanks to the new asphalt concerts at Sturgis Falls should be dry.

"We're elated that our trial run, you might say, of five and a half inches of rain really has left us unmarked its as dry as can be," said Stoddard.

Dry as can be and hopefully bringing in more people.

"Well with this asphalt and so forth I would imagine for this park I would not be surprised at all if we didn't have the highest number we've ever had down here," said Stoddard.

Another change this year, ticketing. People will need to buy food coupons instead of using cash and cards at food vendors. Stoddard says it will help keep the fair free.

"We have to managed this financially so it can be free we don't charge for a button, we don't charge five dollars to get in, like a lot of other events do, this is free, totally free, everything here," said Stoddard.

Stoddard says planning Sturgis Falls is a year long process. He says they already have the theme for next year and it will not involve flooding.

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