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Teens suspected of vandalizing three Iowa City businesses overnight

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Most cars for sale at Carousel 2 in Iowa City look to be in good shape -- but one is now covered in scratches.

Manager John Vice showed me the damage.

"On every top panel, there's scratches," he said.

But it's not from reckless driving.

Carousel 2 was vandalized overnight, allegedly by teenagers.

Employees tell me between the hood, the trunk, the top and the sides of the car, there's between 200 and 300 scratches.

It's the only damage Carousel has found, but they think there could be more.

"We have so many different buildings and so many cars here," Vice said. "It could be a week before we find out if there's other stuff that's been damaged."

And the crime spree didn't stop at Carousel.

Police say Iowa Interstate Railroad reported damage and burglary, and buses were vandalized at the Durham school services lot.

"This is just something bad that happened," Vice said.

All three companies are a short walk from Four Oaks Juvenile Center.

Four Oaks reported three residents missing at the time of the crimes.

Vice says if the teens are the culprits, Carousel isn't holding a grudge.

"I have kids," said Vice. "I mean, I can't blame them. Kids do dumb stuff sometimes."

And as for the damaged car?

"We'll just take one on the chin and get it ready and sell it to somebody," he said.

Two boys, ages 12 and 14, and a 13-year-old girl were taken into custody last night.

They were caught around 2:30 a.m. in Carousel 2's parking lot.

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