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Trump check going towards house for homeless veterans

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Many homeless veterans in Waterloo will soon have a home.

You may remember when Donald Trump skipped the Fox News debate earlier this year to hold a fundraiser for veterans.

 Following the fundraiser Trump personally delivered a check for $100,000 to an organization in Waterloo called Americans for Independent Living.

The organization is using the money towards a home in the city, for homeless veterans.

"I hate to be called a troll living underneath a bridge and for awhile that's what I was called, you know there was a bunch of us living under this bridge because we had nowhere else to go," said Paul Grey, a veteran.

Grey has been in and out of housing and at many times he has been homeless.

We are told many veterans in Waterloo have no roof over their head.

"Many of our young men and women went down at 18 years old went down and were willing to give their life and I think we've forgotten that a little bit," said Kevin Dill, Executive Director of Veterans Affairs in Black Hawk County.

The new home will be a sign for hope for those who have served.

An anonymous donor gave the house itself, and the check from Donald Trump will go towards remodeling.

"I think that's a great idea because there is a lot of us out here, a lot of us," said Grey.

Grey says regardless of his situation, he would still give to his country if asked.

"I hear people talking, I'm ex army, I'm ex navy, I'm a marine for life! And if the president was to call me today, I would be there tomorrow. I would find a way there tomorrow," he says.

The goal of the home is to assist veterans as they search for jobs and education.

It's expected to be open in the next couple of months.

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