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Muslim Americans in Cedar Valley show support for Orlando victims

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As the world begins to understand just who the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was, the Muslim community is struggling to understand how he could be a Muslim brother.

They say violence is not what the Quran teaches and they're hoping to make that clear. 

Inside the Waterloo Islamic Center, Muslims are praying for those 49 lives taken.

"We are disheartened, we are really grieved by what has happened," said Cedar Valley Muslim Seema Iqbal. 

Those lives taken were innocent victims of a man who is believed to be a Muslim.

"Islam does not teach us violence," said Iqbal. "Islam does not condone taking the lives of others. It's the biggest sin you can imagine. There's no forgiveness for murder, because you're killing an entire humanity."

Iqbal says Omar Mateen does not represent the Muslim community. 

"Whatever has emerged with this shooter even, his activities, were nowhere consistent with Islamic principles," said Iqbal. 

Mateen carried out a ruthless massacre during what is supposed to be the most holy time for Muslims.

"In the month of Ramadan, we are all fasting, we are doing our best, striving hard to be better Muslims," said Iqbal. 

Shooting after shooting. 

"There's always that concern, here we go again, now we have to explain ourselves all over again to everybody who already does not understand what Islam is all about," said Iqbal. 

From San Bernardino to Orlando, she's had to face the same challenge.

"I worry about my children," said Iqbal. "I worry, it's a two prong thing for us Muslims, we are trying so hard to be in this society and contribute in a positive manner. We don't want to isolate ourselves and we don't want you to misunderstand us either. "

She says it's not a Muslim issue, it's one person attacking humanity. 

Iqbal is hoping dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community can change the misperception. 

The Islamic Center is hosting events where they meet with churches and synagogues to have that dialogue. 

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