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No answers about President Ruud's contract in e-mails

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Well-liked, well-respected and a champion of UNI. So why is President Bill Ruud leaving?

A question many people still have, a month after his surprising decision to leave Cedar Falls for Marietta College in Ohio.

KWWL filed an Open Records request through UNI asking for all e-mails between the president and other key players since the beginning of the year. We asked for e-mails that included a number of specific words, like "Marietta" and "contract."

KWWL received the copies of those e-mails on Tuesday. We dug through hundreds of pages looking for clues as to why the Board of Regents did not extend his UNI contract, which ended this month.

But from the large stack of e-mails, no mention of the contract and Marietta College only comes up twice.

The first, when the university makes the announcement about Ruud going there.

The second, when KWWL's questions to Marietta College about the hiring of Ruud got forwarded to UNI.

Ruud has told KWWL that Marietta College reached out to him during the spring semester. At least one e-mail from the spring appears to show his wife was planning for the fall semester at UNI.

In the e-mail, Judy Ruud says she plans to have a guest speaker from a campus group in her classroom this fall.

With many questions still unanswered, KWWL caught up with Senator Jeff Danielson, a UNI alum and close friend of Ruud's.

"I had no indication from him, personally, that he would not have stayed," said Danielson.

When asked if Ruud was being pushed out by the Board of Regents, Danielson said it was more like he was being ignored by the Regents.

At a recent farewell event, Danielson said it was clear Ruud was frustrated.

"There were tears. I've never seen President Ruud cry before... he did as he concluded his remarks. So you can tell he had a passion and a compassion for what had happened to UNI and he should be proud of the work he did," said Danielson.

"Share with us, Board of Regents, what you want out of the next president, if President Ruud wasn't up to snuff," said Danielson.

The Board of Regents has not talked about Ruud's contract and for now, is not saying much about the search for a new president.

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