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Iowa gun sales on rise after Orlando massacre

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Statistics show after mass shootings, gun sales rise.

Although Iowa is thousands of miles away from the Pulse night club in Orlando, KWWL found out one gun store sold three guns all within one hour of opening their doors today.

Non-stop gunfire sent terror and horror through the country.

Some are mourning the loss of those innocent 49 ruthlessly killed, while others are choosing to arm up.

"It's not for everybody," said MR Guns instructor Steven Foote. 

Foote says within one hour of opening their doors, he's sold three guns. Two assault riffles and a small handgun.

"The only way to protect yourself is for you to protect yourself, to know how to protect yourself, to protect yourself," said Foote. "You need to arm yourself if you're comfortable with that. For those of us that are, that's what we do. We need to ensure that we're trained, that we know how to use the tool we're carrying. That we do it safely and responsibly. And know the limits in which we can use force to protect ourselves."

After the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, and again after the San Bernardino workplace shooting last December, firearm purchases shot up.

Foote says the people buying these guns are doing so one of two reasons.

"Go from the world of being a sheep, to wanting to be a sheep-dog, person that's not going to tolerate being a victim," said Foote. "You know I'm not going to coward under my desk, while begging for my life, and the life of my children, that's one person. The other person is the one who looks at the political wins, and goes I may never get a chance to buy this gun again."

FBI data shows the number of firearm background checks have rose significantly after the Sandy Hook shooting. Although that number doesn't directly reflect the number of gun sales, it gives an idea of just how many people are looking to buy a gun.

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