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Firefighters demonstrate hot car window rescue

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After a 6-month old in Des Moines died over the weekend after being left in a hot car, many are asking how could these deaths be prevented.

This now makes 12 children in the U.S. who have died this year from being left in a hot car.

KWWL wanted to learn how firefighters rescue kids from these hot cars.

Two seconds. That's all it takes for firefighters to break into a car window.

"If it's 90 degrees out here, I'm sure it's 130 degrees inside so it's hot enough to kill," said Waterloo Fire Chief Mike Moore.

Hot enough to kill.

But if firefighters can get there in time, they have a chance to save a life.

KWWL wanted to find out just how firefighters break in to rescue these children.

So we met Waterloo Fire Chief Mike Moore at Midwest Auto Parts and got to see the rescue process in action.

Using a junk yard car, we tested a couple different tools.

"The similarity is the sharp point," said Moore. "If you take a baseball bat or a 2x4 and hit that tempered glass window, odds are pretty good that you're not gonna get through it. But if you use something that's pointy and sharp like this, a center punch or a pick-head ax, something sharp that's going to get into the window for you."

As soon as he hit the window right in the corner, the glass just instantly shattered.

All with one tool you could easily get at a hardware store.

"I'm not gonna say break it," said Moore. "But, I'm just gonna say call 911 first. And then make your best judgment."

Moore also has a reminder for everyone as you're out in the heat.

"It's called situational awareness, and there's a lot of things as you walk through parking lots, you should be paying attention to," said Moore. "Other people in the lot, cars around you, and glance in and notice in a car seat if a child is there. Or a pet, pets might be barking, a child may be crying."

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