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People in Epworth fed-up with smelly odor

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To people living in Epworth, this composting facility is known as the stink plant.

"Huh, I don't know if it's describable, it is just really, would you describe it, it's it's like rotting meat, its like decaying flesh," said Sandra Gussman, mayor of Epworth.

The plant, Midwest Organic Solutions has been in the town of Farley for several years now. It composts a variety of things -- from grass, to paper products, even meat. But people living a mile away from the plant, say its a nuisance.

"Can you imagine having an event in your backyard, a graduation party or something, and you've got it pre-planned and you can't cancel it. And all of a sudden, that day you have an odor like we had last Saturday? How do you explain that? It effects you, it affects the way people look at our community and it effects your everyday," said Garry Gensen, Epworth council member.

On some days the odor can be smelled driving down Highway 20.  Officials say that's offensive to the thousands of people who go through there everyday.

After giving the plant about four years to get rid of the smell, Dubuque County Supervisors say it's now action time for the business. That they aren't doing enough to minimize the problem.

No one is really sure who can regulate the odor because the plant is not within Epworth's city limits. The DNR told Epworth officials, they don't enforce odors.

KWWL reached out the the owner of the facility for comment but was unsuccessful. 

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