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Pickup Truck Drives Straight Through Fence

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Police are investigating a hit and run leaving behind serious damage. It happened in Waterloo on Sunday evening. You can see straight through the car sized hole in the fence, leading to the garden, which is also damaged.

Neighbors say they saw the whole thing happen, but were not able to get a license plate number. 

Skid marks running across the road, over the curb and through the fence. The homeowner, Cherie Behrens, is making the repairs herself.

"I came home from shopping and the neighbors told me that somebody turned the corner, went into their yard, over corrected and went into our yard and went through our fence," said Cherie Behrens.

Neighbors say the dark blue pickup truck was carrying four teen aged girls.

"I'm more concerned about those kids, because they were probably drinking is my guess, because they were being careless and obviously doing something stupid, but I'm just glad nothing else happened," said Behrens.

Cherie says after the truck hit her fence and garden then it quickly backed out and drove off leaving behind a piece of the bumper and hubcap.

Hopeful police find the drivers, Cherie's fiance wonders what they could do in the meantime.

"He was pretty upset and asked if they caught them and I told him no and he was hoping we could find them by driving around town, but I don't think so, they probably hid that car," said Behrens.

Police say they have a potential license plate number for the truck and they are trying to locate the car and its driver. They also say no one was hurt and the case is still under investigation.

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