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“I’m gonna die.” Son who sent heartbreaking texts to mom during shooting confirmed dead

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ORLANDO — A mother in Orlando shares the final texts she got from her son, as he ran into a bathroom for safety inside the Pulse nightclub during the shooting.

An American-born man who pledges allegiance to ISIS gunned down 49 people early Sunday at a LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, held dozens hostage.

Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, a 30-year-old accountant, was one of the hostages. He sent his mother, Mina Justice, text messages while hiding in the nightclub’s bathroom.

At 2:06 a.m., Mina received the first text from Eddie: “Mommy I love you”

Then the texts started streaming in:

Eddie: “In club they shooting”

Mina: “U ok”

Eddie: “Trapp in bathroom”

Mina: “What club”

Eddie: “Pulse”

Eddie: “Downtown”

Eddie: “Call police”

Eddie: “I’m gonna die”

Mina: “I’m calling them now”

Mina: “U still in there”

Mina: “Answer your damn phone”

Mina: “Call me”

Eddie: “Call them mommy”

Eddie: “Now”

Eddie: “I’m tell I’m bathroom”

Eddie: “He’s coming”

Eddie: “I’m gonna die”

Mina: “They say stay there is anybody hurt”

Mina: “Which bathroom u in”

Eddie: “Lots”

Eddie: “Yes”

Mina: “Which bathroom”

Mina: “They need to no”

Mina: “Are you with police yet”

Mina: “Text me please”

Eddie: “No”

Eddie: “Still here”

Eddie: “In bathroom”

Eddie: “He has us”

Eddie: “They need to come get us”

Mina: “Ok she said they coming”

Mina: “The police is in there let me no when u see the police”

Eddie: “Hurry”

Eddie: “He’s in the bathroom with us”

Eddie: “Women’s bathroom”

Mina: “Is the man in the bathroom wit u”

Eddie: “He’s a terror”

According to WFTV, the final text came from Eddie, responding: “Yes”

Early this morning, authorities confirmed Eddie Justice was among those killed in the shooting.

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