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Update on University Avenue Reconstruction Project

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The University Avenue Reconstruction Project gains momentum in phase one. Six roundabouts will be added to the road to improve traffic safety, but for now the project has drivers and business owners concerned.          

Construction of the roundabouts is well underway in Cedar Falls. Even though it might seem like a mess now, the city is hopeful the new road will help improve safety, while others are calling it a pointless addition.

Orange cones scattered throughout University Avenue, marking new traffic patterns, people driving through the constant changes are confused.

"I was getting used to it then one day they switched the roads you're going down and I was in the wrong lane and I almost went into a hole," said Kayla Elliott-Wach.

The reason for those traffic pattern changes, the addition of roundabouts.

"I don't see how it's really going to pan out on University since it's sort of a high way in a sense," said Elliott-Wach.

There are mixed opinions out here on University Ave. Some people say they are getting used to the construction, others say it's a hassle.

"It might be more of a traffic hassle it might not be, it just depends how quickly they can get people in and out of the lanes," said Chris Mollicone.

Others people say the construction isn't bothering them anymore. It's becoming part of their everyday life, while others say the construction is pointless.

"I really thought that before the way the lights were was fine. It was the road itself that was just bad, there were potholes everywhere things like that, " said Mollicone.

But hopeful that the new University Ave will help the traffic issues.                                                                                                                                                  
"I suppose with that happening and that being fixed as well I think that will alleviate some of the headache," said Mollicone.

The University Avenue Reconstruction Project is in phase one. Six roundabouts will be constructed on University Avenue. Cedar Falls will hold a roundabout “how-to” driving event on Saturday, June 18th from 9am-Noon.

The event will be held by the city of Cedar Falls at the University of Northern Iowa’s West Dome Parking Lot. Questions about driving in a roundabout will be answered as well as one-on-one tours through a simulated course. For more information on the project itself visit http://www.cedarfalls-universityaveproject.com.

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