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Dubuque woman celebrates divorce with photo shoot, images go viral

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A blushing bride in her wedding dress, but this love story takes a turn.

"It's crazy...I thought we'd be together forever, but I had to call it quits," said Catherine Haberkorn.

The  24-year-old from Dubuque has been married for seven years, however she's now going through a divorce. No tears here though, instead she decided to do a photo shoot marking the end of the marriage.

"I'm happy...excited for the divorce, terrible to say," Catherine said.

In the photos, Catherine is seen destroying a wedding cake with a bat, burning pictures of her ex and stepping out of her wedding dress...in thigh high boots and a corset. "Stepping out the wedding dress was the funnest part, smashing the wedding cake was good too...symbolizing letting go his last name," she said.

Images of the daring photo shoot have gone viral. It was the photographer's idea, Angela Ferraro.

I uploaded them at night and it was Friday night like ten o'clock or even ten thirty, by the time I woke up we had a few thousand views and comments on it, within two or three days it was well over a million," Ferraro said.

Within a week there have been thousands of shares.

Catherine says this photo shoot has helped her with the divorce. "It did, it help a lot...I would recommend it, if you're strong enough."

She adds, she's looking forward to her divorce being finalized this coming August.

The photos have been seen from people all over the country. Ferraro says she getting calls from all over to replicate the divorce photo shoot.

For information on the photographer, visit: https://www.facebook.com/AngieJoPhotos/

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