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High Temperatures May be Dangerous for Outside Workers

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Temperatures in Eastern Iowa are rising. People working outdoors in the heat today are at risk for heat related issues.

Hot temperatures make completing any task difficult. Workers outside today did anything they could to stay cool.

The sun pounding down on Eastern Iowa bringing temperatures well into the 90s. And people working outside agree taking it easy is important.

"It's been the hottest day of the year so far so I just tell everybody that is working with me just take it easy and stay in the shade," said Richard Frickson, plumber.

"It's a lot of making sure to get sunblock on in the morning and make sure you got all the water you need when going out. I usually go through about four Gatorade bottles," said Kaylee Ovel, mail carrier.

Oval says she walks over 10 miles a day, stressing the importance of staying hydrated.

"Make sure you get the water, stay hydrated, don't get heat stroke out there," said Ovel.

Allan Zeien, equipment operator says there haven't been any heat strokes on the job yet. He says though, the hottest job in construction are the pavers.

"As far as our job here the pavers, the concrete guys, I'd say they have the most manual labor that goes along with their job I think that it is probably worst for them than it is for us," said Allan Zeien,equipment operator.

Though the heat makes it hard to work in, plumber Richard Frickson says it affects everyone, not just workers.

"Every house we've been to has been real generous about stay cool come inside cool off a little bit, it affects everybody"

Checking in with local hospitals today, they say there have been no reports of patients with heat related issues. The heat will continue tomorrow, also rising up well into the 90s.

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