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Recurring problems could mean alcohol bans for two area beaches

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The Iowa DNR met today to discuss whether to ban alcohol at two Iowa beaches.

The ban would apply to beaches at Lake Macbride State Park near Solon and Pleasant Creek in Palo.

Officials say they're also reviewing alcohol policies at all state parks during the process.

According to the DNR irresponsible drinking is causing a lot of alcohol related problems on the beaches.

The DNR says assaults, public intoxication almost to the point of unconsciousness, littering and minors in possession of alcohol are just some of the issues leading to the proposed ban.

A variety of beach goers, floating one way or another on the idea.

"Like I mean if people are rough-housing and things like that, that happens when there's alcohol involved so I feel like if it makes it a better environment for the beach as a whole then it sounds like a decent idea," said Brittni Reid. 

"I'm fine if someone does want to bring a beer out but at the same time I don't think it should be a huge deal if they can't bring them out," Emily Mast told us.

"If I'm not the one driving home I'd like to be able to sit and have a beer or two without getting you know blitzed," said Kent Levan.

Signs reading "no alcoholic liquor" are confusing to many beach goers already.

"So it's like is that liquor or is that beer, does it mean no alcohol or no liquor," asked Levan.

Soon it may not even be a question but a response from the DNR for an area they say has numerous alcohol related arrests on record.

The DNR says in the last five years 222 arrest involving alcohol have been made on the beach at Lake Macbride State Park.

If the ban is passed, it would likely not go into effect until 2017.

The other beach  impacted, is at Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area in Palo, employees there tell us the beach is actually closed for this season due to restoration.

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