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Two years after a Cedar Falls murder, family is still asking for answers

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A local murder unsolved and a killer still on the loose two years after the shooting. 

Norman Gant, 21, was shot and killed in the 1800 block of Tremont Street in Cedar Falls in June of 2014.

Gant was leaving a house party on Tremont Street when he was shot. Police found him lying in the grass of a nearby front yard.

 KWWL's Jessica Hartman speaking with Norman Gant's sister, Wednesday, about the lack of answers and the second anniversary of her brother's death.

 It has been 2 years, but Norman Gant's family says time hasn't made it any easier.

"If I can hug him one more time and never let go, I would. If I could hug you, Norman, one last time, I swear I would never let you go, ever," said Gant's sister Laniya Keys.

 She would never have let him attend the party that ended in a crime scene.

 Investigators are still working to sort out the details of the shooting years later.

 A few small bullet holes are the only signs left on the quiet Cedar Falls street where the murder happened two years ago, but the holes left in the hearts of Norman Gant's family are much bigger.

"We stood outside the hospital for hours before they told us our little brother was gone. Before they told my mom he died right there on the scene. It just kills me because they just left; left him there to die," said Keys.

Since that moment, the Gant family has been waiting for answers, waiting for someone to come forward and give them the peace to finally put their brother, son, uncle to rest.

"How long is it going to take for them to say, 'justice has been served?' Four years before they find his killers? Three years before they find his killers? Justice needs to be served. Someone needs to come out and speak. Someone needs to come out and tell the truth. It is not going to hurt you to come out and say something. If you are afraid of being called a snitch, oh well. So be it. This is someone's life. Someone's life that was taken for nothing," said Keys.

Cedar Falls Police tell KWWL the case is still active and investigators conducted interviews, as recently as, this spring.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Norman Gant, please contact Cedar Falls Police at 319-273-8612 or or Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers at 1-855-300-TIPS (8477).


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