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Monica Vernon to take on Rod Blum for congressional seat

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Monica Vernon will be taking on republican incumbent Rod Blum this November for a congressional seat.

If Vernon wins the election in November that will mean a party switch for the seat.

"There's all kinds of reasons that we make sure we have someone in this seat that's going to fight for the people," Monica Vernon told us today.

Vernon was unable to think of anything off the top of her head that Blum has done in office she supports.

Once a part of the republican party, Vernon switched to the democratic party in 2009.

"There are so many things that this platform of the democratic party stands for, you know whether it's equal pay for equal work for women, whether it's protecting social, protecting and expanding social security, things like that are so key and you I think I just feel more comfortable," Vernon said.

The switch put her at an advantage as far as party registration, there are 20,000 more active registered democrats in the district than active registered republicans.

KWWL Political Analyst Chris Larimer believes Vernon has a good shot at winning the election come November.

"I think the fact that this district proportionally has more voters registered as no party than the other three districts, I think Monica Vernon having being registered as a republican and now a democrat, that might actually be to her advantage," Larimer said.

Rod Blum put out a statement after Vernon's primary win saying he is "looking forward to an issues based race that focusses on solution to the problems facing our country."

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