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The first Iowa woman to conquer Everest returns from her 10 week trek

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For Jennifer Loeb of Jesup, mountain climbing is the biggest thrill there is.

"I work basically to fund my climbing habit," she said.

Her most recent climb took her nearly 30,000 feet above sea level.

Over a ten week journey, Loeb conquered Mt. Everest.

"Standing at the summit," the climber said, "it's an amazing feeling to realize you're standing on the top of the world."

Loeb had been planning her journey for 3 years, and the trek up the mountain took more than a month.

"You're climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing all night long," she recalled.

And when she finally reached the summit?

"I was there maybe about 20 minutes," she said.

Loeb says the high altitude and cold takes a toll on climbers.

Staying at the top too long can be dangerous.

"What are the temperatures at the top?" I asked her.

"I would say probably pretty close to negative 40."

And it still wasn't the end of the journey.

"It's not over yet," she said. "The summit's only halfway."

It took Loeb's group a few days to make it back down.

The descent is quicker - but 2 climbers recently died on the way down from altitude sickness.

Loeb says it's something that worried her before her own climb.

"I wasn't sure if my body would tolerate the altitudes," she said.

But after returning home safely, she's already planning her next summit.

"One in Antarctica, and the name of the peak is called Vinson," she said.

Loeb made history as the first Iowan woman to make it to Everest's peak.

She says she plans to climb many smaller peaks in the future as well.

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