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UPDATE: Windstream phone service affected

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Update: A representative from Windstream Communications, Scott Morris, contacted KWWL saying he did not believe there was a county wide phone outage.

Morris told KWWL that the company had a broadband outage last Friday and restored the service the same day. However some individual customers' broadband did not automatically come back online.

The company has had technicians in the area solving each customer's problems.

Morris says the company has had no network phone outage recently and the issue must be with individual homeowner's connections.

A technician will be sent to John Mack's home tomorrow to fix the issue with his phone connection.


You might not be able to use your landline, and you might not even know it.

It seems the Windstream company is repairing service to Delaware County, but customers said they weren't notified.

Without any notification, a Manchester man was disconnected from his landline, and the company tells him it won't be fully repaired for another two weeks.

People often take their phones for granted, but John Mack near Manchester said he first learned his landline was disconnected earlier in the week.

"I picked up the phone to call and realized there was no dial tone. That's when I first discovered it, but our Internet has been out for a couple three days," Mack said.

After calling his service provider, Windstream, he was told service wouldn't be fully restored until June 13, since they were backed up with calls in Delaware County.

"And, I would suggest people at home maybe pick up their phones and try it, and see if they have service or not. They might not realize it," Mack said.

In today's day and age, everyone carries a cellphone with them, but for people like John Mack, they keep their landlines in rural areas, because cell service can be spotty.

So, what happens when their cell phone and landline aren't working, and there's an emergency?

"That was my concern, that other people in the community maybe don't use their landline that often, but we keep ours for 911 and the Internet, and people might not even know the service isn't working until they need it," Mack said.

Without any options, Mack said all he can do is wait.

"At this time, I'm told that's the only provider we're able to use," Mack said.

We reached out to Windstream earlier on Friday to see how many customers are currently affected by the outage, but they have not returned phone calls.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, they've only heard one complaint of a faulty phone line as of Friday.

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