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Teen swallows boutonniere pin before prom

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WELLESLEY, Massachusetts (KWWL) -

Teenagers dream of a memorable prom. They just hope those memories aren't of the hospital.

A Massachusetts teen struggled to pin the boutonniere on her date. She held the pin in her mouth, until her boyfriend made a joke, and the pin ended up down her throat.

"I was scared because when she looked back at me the pin wasn't in her mouth anymore and she was holding her throat, and I thought, 'Oh my God, did you swallow it?' She said, 'I don't know,'" said Colin Emerson, Kathleen Garvey's date.

"No way I could have swallowed it because I wasn't in pain or anything during the prom or any time after," said Garvey.

She went to the prom thinking she just dropped it, but the next day she went to the hospital and it turned out, she'd inhaled the pin.

Doctors took it out during a 45-minute surgery.

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