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Boulder, CO councilman: Clean up your beer pong tables!

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by Dan Grossman:

BOULDER - One Boulder councilman says he’s seen enough of the beer pong tables that lay dormant in his University Hill neighborhood.

Andrew Shoemaker is looking to propose an ordinance aimed at getting rid of tables in front yards of houses.

“Clean up the tables and the mess around it,” he said bluntly in an interview Tuesday.

Shoemaker says several neighbors have complained of the tables and red solo cups that usually accompany them. He says the ordinance won’t prohibit the game altogether, just require maintenance when kids are finished.

“It's not against the game of beer pong, or against using the tables. It's more, at the end of the day clean up the tables and the mess around them,” he said.

Many fraternities, whose presidents didn’t want to be interviewed, said they opposed the possibility outright, but other students in the area understood.

“I don't think [an ordinance] would push people away from coming here, but I think it's really fun to show how inclusive the whole community is when everyone is outside hanging out together,” said senior A.J. Johnson.

Johnson lives next to several fraternities, who, she says, always play music and beer pong outside.

“It's just kind of fun if there's an activity to be outside,” she said. “But I also don't want to be disrespectful to people living in the neighborhood that don't appreciate it.”

The city council will discuss the possibility of an ordinance at its June 7 meeting.

The city currently has an ordinance banning furniture on front lawns.

They say college kids were the inspiration for that after several were found burning couches in the early 2000’s.

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