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Chronic nuisance home connected to police chase

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Another home in Waterloo is deemed a chronic nuisance by police.

The home, 337 South Hackett Road near Greenhill Road, declared a nuisance back in April and has since failed to provide Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka with an abatement plan to fix the problem.

Neighbors telling KWWL that something needs to be done.

The home is the sight of an arrest last November in an officer involved shooting.

Cell phone video captured the moment a Waterloo Police Officer attempted to stop a van driven by Brandon Seeley.

In the video, you can see the officer in the middle of the street. The van does not stop, heading towards the officer. Then the officer fires four shots.

Seeley drives off and is later arrested at 337 South Hackett Road.

A home now deemed a chronic nuisance.

Something one neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, says is well deserved.

"Boom, boom, boom. . .screams coming out of that garage over  there," said the neighbor.

The arrest combined with loud music, from sound systems being installed by the resident in cars, can be heard at all hours.

"You don't want to hear this . . shakes your. . .shakes your glass. People shouldn't have music that loud," said the neighbor.

"Loud music there, disorderly conduct and there are other issues with the residence. It falls under our definition. It appears to be a rental property and it is not registered as a rental property," said Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka.

 "This noise has to stop. It has to stop. It has got to stop now," said the neighbor.

KWWL was unable to reach the residents, who are the daughter and boyfriend of the property owner . KWWL also tried reaching out to the property owner and wasn't able to get a hold of him.

Other neighbors say they are also frustrated. 

Having failed to provide a written abatement plan, the property will now by charged when police are called to the residence for a credible complaint.

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