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Freedom Rock mural vandalized on Memorial weekend

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A symbol of remembrance is vandalized this Memorial weekend, a time dedicated to honor men and women who died in the service.  

Police say the Freedom Rock mural in Cedar Falls was vandalized overnight. 

A shock to the area, veterans are trying to make sense of the senseless crime while police are digging into who did it.

A symbol of remembrance is now covered in graffiti. 

Mary Carlson, whose parents live right next door to the Freedom Rock couldn't believe what she saw. 

"I think there's a lot of veterans especially happening on memorial weekend who are extremely disheartened by the fact that somebody would not even contemplate what this means to those people," said Carlson.

More than just a tribute, the Freedom Rock is a powerful illustration of the cost of war.

Words of honor now illegible, barely able to make out.

Police say it happened overnight but because there are no surveillance cameras in that area, they don't know who did it.

"It just really worries me, because not only do they not care about all the work that was put in, but someone's not watching them," said Carlson. 

The damage didn't stop at the Freedom Rock, but actually moved into Carlson's parents yard yard and in their backyard.

This morning they woke up to graffiti on their fence and shed. 

"You know this is going to cost a lot of money for someone to fix the Freedom Rock and then of course we're going to have to repaint everything at my parents house," said Carlson.

Many are asking if it will be possible to remove the graffiti or how they plan to repair the damage. 

"It worries me that it's going to continue if we can't put a stop to it right away," said Carlson. "I have no doubt that they're children or kids, because I can't really imagine an adult thinking this was okay."

Police are asking anyone with any information to come forward. 

KWWL reached out to the artist behind the rock, Ray Sorenson.

"When you create art in public, you run the risk of vandalism, and it's a risk I'm willing to take, said Sorenson. 

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