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Toddler is severely burned after falling into hot ash

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Linzee Wimer is feeling playful today, but that wasn't the case a few days ago.

"I turned my back for two seconds, and when I turned around to her scream, she was just sitting there in the sand and she was looking at her hands," said Jessica Seitz, Linzee's mother.

During a fishing trip near Palo, Linzee fell into the remains of a bonfire that wasn't properly put out.

It happened along the Cedar River.

Little Linzee ran and fell into some hot ashes that somebody covered with sand, trying to put out a fire.

Seitz says it was one of the scariest moments of her life.

Her first reaction? To get her daughter in the water.

"When I lifted her up out, it was almost like her skin was just kind of melting down to her fingertips," Seitz said.

Ambulance rushed Linzee to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Linzee had third degree burns on her left arm and leg.

She had skin graft surgery a few days later, and will be in a cast for several more weeks.

But Seitz is keeping a positive attitude.

"I'm glad it's not any worse," she said.

And her biggest wish, other than a quick recovery?

For people to be more careful when extinguishing their fires - especially this holiday weekend.

"I would hate to see this happen to anybody else's child," Seitz said, "and have a parent have to go through the things that I've had to go through, sitting by Linzee."

Seitz says her daughter is doing well, though, and is hoping to be discharged withing a few days.

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