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Bremer County Bucks headed to USA Rugby Elite 8 Nationals

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The Bremer County Bucks--- from Waverly will be playing in their first ever USA Rugby Division 3 Elite 8 nationals in Pittsburgh.

The Bucks qualified by winning the Midwest Championships last weekend....

The Bucks players--range in age from early 20's to mid 40's...But they have common traits of being tough, passionate, focused, determined----and a little crazy.

Casey Hanson, a 13 year team member said "Its the fastest growing sport in the will be in the Olympics this year.

The majority of us were wrestlers--hard nosed to tackle--like to hit...real physical like hitting. "

Third year team member Clint Sauae says, "Well I have a broken tooth I started wearing mouthguard--you have to wear mouthguard."

Another team member Deandre Moore said, "With injuries with me once the game starts I have so much Adrenaline I think I said that right---that's pumping through my body I don't feel anything..."

Jake Rasbeck who joined the club three years ago says, "Bremer County has a reputation to uphold they play hard minute to minute whistle to whistle is how we play we don't take any plays off.."

I ask Clint, "What do you bring to this group?" " Definitely Good Looks..{laughs}

"What would it mean to you Casey to do well this weekend---you've been with this group a while?"

Hanson says, "Mean a lot--put a lot of time and effort--ask my wife--rugby season I am gone and she is awesome for that--thirteen years--I have know these guys for thirteen years most of them work every day every Saturday we go out and play our butts off--yeah it would be awesome.."

The club has established a go fund me page to help with their expenses...You can find it at: Bremer Bucks Go Fund Me.

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