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Denver Weightman's Relays

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The 4 by 100 meters - it's all about speed -

That is until the guys who generally spend their time chucking the shot put and flinging the discus mix it up and lace up their running shoes --

It's called the Weightman's 4 by 1-hundred - a non-scoring event contested at most small meets - it also has several other names.

"The fat man's run."

"The 4 by fluff."

"4 by fat"

"Fat man's 4 by 1."

"Quarter ton fun run, but we're a lot more than a quarter."

While the race has always been a crowd favorite - the big men from Denver have taken it to a different level

Rhett Barrett/Denver track coach

"They got bored just using a baton, so they started using different things -"

For Denver, it started with a banana - and the list just grew from there -

"Slim Jim"

"Laffy taffy stick."

"Water bottle."

"Summer sausage."



"Pool noodle."

"A speaker playing the Rocky Theme song. That one's probably my favorite, I really liked that one."

Now it seems that one recurring theme for the Denver lineman is they like to carry food, which can be a problem as it doesn't always make it's way around the track. It's good."

"I think Mason peeled his banana and was eating it before he finished,"

And that's something I witnessed first hand as I brought a can of pringles with me as a prop for this story, but these guys were digging in before it was even used -

It's just evidence that this race is all about fun.

Mason Neisen/Denver Junior (1:20 - 1:24)

"I'm pretty sure we get disqualified the second they see us without an actual baton , but we get last anyway, so we want to have fun with it while we do it."

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