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BREAKING: Kozak found guilty in Coral Ridge Mall shooting

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Alexander Kozak is found guilty of First Degree Murder in the shooting death of Andrea Farrington at the Coral Ridge Mall in June of 2015.


The prosecution is back up, this time to rebuttal.

Lyness says if Kozak suffered from Intermittent Explosive Disorder like the defense says, he would have blown up in the past, for example when he was confronted by his boss.

Lyness encourages the jury to read all of the text messages for themselves, the defense had said the prosecution purposely left out certain text messages during the trial.


The defense is now making their closing argument.

"It's an unusual case," Alfredo Parrish, the defense attorney said.

"It's not First Degree Murder, it's not Second Degree Murder, it's a crime of passion," Parrish says.

"He's not insane, nobody is saying he's insane," Parrish says, "We're saying his responsibility is diminished.

Parrish says most of the witnesses in the case were young, under the age of 25.

"She had become this beautiful swan," Parrish says of Andrea.

Andrea had recently had surgery which altered her appearance, her mother says it was to correct a severe under bit and that it was medically necessary.

"This relationship was long past repair," Parrish says of Andrea's relationship with her boyfriend Connor.

"She was telling him she loved him she was telling him to leave his wife," Parrish says referring to texts Andrea sent Kozak.

"You will be stunned at what you read," Parrish tells the jury referring to texts they can read between Andrea and Kozak.

Parrish says Kozak should be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter.

Defense shows texts between Andrea and Kozak the night before the killing when they said "I love you" and "I love you too."

Parrish says Andrea was interfering with Kozak's job.

He says at the same time Andrea was making arrangements to see Kozak, she was texting his coworker reporting him for coming up to the welcome booth, which he was told not to do.

Defense says Kozak knew where all of the mall cameras were because he was a mall security guard.

Parrish says Kozak threw his childhood toys in the car before going to kill Andrea, referring to guns and knife's that he was given as a child.

Parrish said on June 8th and 9th Kozak and Andrea were texting until nearly 2 a.m.

On June 11th they texted until nearly 1 a.m. after Kozak went on a date with his wife Kellie.

For these reasons Parrish says Kozak does not sleep much.

"One was leading the other on," Parrish says.

They developed what can be called "an intimate bonding relationship," he says.

"Alex without a doubt was being banged back and forth like a ping pong ball and he did not have the mental skills that a person his age or any age should have had," Parrish said.

"It's about a young woman who transformed in high school, so sad in high school," Parrish said of Andrea.

Parrish says her transformation through surgery gave her more attention, and Kozak gave her the attention she craved.

"He knows he's responsible, he's not responsible for First Degree Murder in this case, he's not responsible for Second Degree Murder he loved this woman, but it's a crime of passion," Parrish said before closing.


The prosecution begins their closing argument talking about how Andrea Farrington was killed because she "bruised a man's pride."

Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness says Alexander Kozak shot Andrea Farrington three times on June 12, 2015.

Lyness details June 12th by bringing up a witness who was nearly hit by Kozak's car as he whipped into the Coral Ridge Mall parking lot.

A 15-year-old witness Madison Tinkham is mentioned, she testified saying that she saw Kozak shoot Andrea Farrington three times.

Tinkham described Andrea falling to the ground, she said she saw Farrington's lifeless face and the incident scarred her.

Andrea's friend Carly who also testified in the trial, is mentioned.

Carly said she heard the shots when Andrea was killed, and she saw Alexander Kozak, that's when Carly ran away.

Later that night, Carly talked with police about what she had seen.

Lyness also mentioned a witness who ran over to help Andrea after the shooting, he asked her to squeeze his hand if she could hear him, but he got no response.

Multiple witnesses saw Kozak with a gun in his hand the night of the shooting.

The night of the shooting multiple witnesses described Kozak as wearing all black or dark clothing with a black fedora hat.

Lyness showed the gun Kozak used to the courtroom.

Witness accounts to police helped them track down Alexander Kozak on the interstate after the shooting.

Kozak told officials the night of his arrest, "I shot Andrea Jean Farrington."

Lyness says, "The state has proved without a reasonable doubt...the defendant shot Andrea Farrington."

The second part the state needs to prove is that the shooting killed Andrea Farrington.

Lyness mentions Andrea's mother's testimony, when she said she identified Andrea's body at the hospital and was told by doctors that Andrea died because of the shooting and that one of the bullets pierced her heart.

The next portion the state needs to prove is malice of forethought.

The state brings up past text messages, one in particular that talked about going home and getting his glock to shoot this b****.

Kozak described his feeling going into the mall as cold fury.

For these reason's the state says Kozak acted with malice or forethought.

Now the state is working to prove Kozak shot Andrea willfully, premeditatedly and with a specific intent.

State discusses the fact Kozak shot Andrea three different times to help prove this portion.

Lyness talks about how Kozak left the mall sometime between 5 and 7 p.m. giving him plenty of time to think about what he was going to do.

She detail his actions at home, when Kozak loaded his car with weapons and drove the 15-20 minutes back to the Coral Ridge Mall.

Kozak then parked to the closest spot he could, a handicap spot near the Welcome Center where Andrea worked.

When he got close to Andrea Farrington he shot her three times in the back, from about 5 feet away.

Kozak told an official he shot Andrea in the torso because he knew the makeup of the human body.

The state played part of the audio from the night of the shooting when Kozak told officers, "I shot Andrea Jean Farrington."

They also played audio from when Kozak told Special Agent Rahn that he committed premeditative murder because he "thought of it and carried it out."

Kozak told Rahn when he left the mall to go get his gun that he thought Andrea was a "backstabbing, bloodsucking, whore."


Closing arguments will begin any minute in the trial of Alexander Kozak.

Kozak is accused of shooting and killing 21-year-old Andrea Farrington inside of Coral Ridge Mall last June.

He is being charged with First Degree Murder for the killing.

It has not been debated whether Kozak killed Andrea Farrington, but whether he had a mental defect at the time.

The trial began nearly two weeks ago in Story County, where it was moved because of pre-trial publicity.

Currently, the judge is instructing the jury before closing arguments begin.

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