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Help filing taxes

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Tax returns, upon tax returns.

Dating all the way back to 2012.

Three years worth of unfiled taxes has led Jason Kinard here, where he can now catch up.

"I've just been busy and I know like H&R block, a lot of places charge a lot of money to file your taxes, so that's why I was suggested to come here."

RSVP is offering free tax services locally for people like Jason.

A team of volunteers who are trained to do prior year returns walk through all the necessary steps.

Volunteers here today use this checklist form to process over 25 tax returns.

This is Joanna Van Gerpen's seventh year volunteering.

"I feel like I'm providing a service," Van Gerpen said. "Because most of the people who come here, their incomes are low enough-that affording a tax preparation fee in order to get a small refund fee is difficult for them."

The service is open to everyone. There is no age or income requirement.

Van Gerpen says the service is really helping people. 

"He was about three or four years behind," Van Gerpen said. "And he was thrilled to be able get caught up, because it meant he got caught up with his child support payments. And so for him that was a really positive thing."

Volunteers say others should take  advantage of the service.

"It's a privilege to have this, because these are professional people that give their time and everything," Margaret Grisel said. "So it's very nice to know that I'm grateful for it."

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