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Dubuque kids taking inventory of corner stores

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Some Dubuque kids are taking inventory, finding out what's available at Dubuque corner stores.

"They didn't have very much produce...and their water is actually more expense than their sugary drinks," said 14-year-old Bo Gatua.

It's a research activity by the Dubuque NAACP and Hillcrest Family Services, meant to see how easily available certain products are at convenience stores.

"Where's there's a lot of tobacco, where there's a lot of alcohol, where there is not very much food.  And we can start looking at neighborhood level interventions," said Carolyn Scherf, Dubuque NAACP Health Chair.

Before the audits, the groups of kids were briefly trained on what to look for, then went to one the few grocery stores in the downtown area.

They walked around with clipboards in hand, making observations, jotting down notes.

It seems like they really learned something from this. "I think, the two things that are mainly available are alcohol and tobacco products...you got like a whole section of alcohol products over here," said 14-year-old Marcellus Flowers.

That's versus a small section for produce, which was nearly empty.

The kids admit this project opened up their minds. "It's kind of just interesting, cause I never really thought about...I'll just go to the gas station, buy something...and be on my way," Gatua said.

The information gathered will be sent to researchers at the University of Northern Iowa. They will analyze the data and return the results in June. 

About 20 stores were visited Saturday, but a total of 60 stores are being surveyed.

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