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Friend of Emmalee Jacobs Writes Letter To Driver

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Following a hit and run accident, a friend and co-worker of Emmalee Jacobs' wrote a letter online, asking the driver to come forward.
Emily Mensen went to high school with Jacobs and also worked at a daycare in their hometown with her.
Mensen tells me she wrote the letter looking for answers and peace for Jacobs' family and friends.

So many questions: Whom, How, What if? All left unanswered for more than a month. 
 Just 24- hours ago I spoke with Emily Mensen about those unanswered questions.

"I am not going to be able to make it through, if they come up to me and ask where the other Emmalee is at? I can't give them an answer. All the little kids that just loved her. What am I suppose to say to them?" said Mensen.

It was those questions she hoped to answer with the letter asking the driver to do the right thing. 
She wrote, "There is no closure. We are all still wondering."

With an arrest in the case, "Now that I know who it is. Know the vehicle. I am replaying the scene constantly in my mind," said Mensen.

It is a haunting image that has Mensen still asking what if?

Police say there is evidence Benjamin Clague knew he hit Jacobs.
"You can't help, but do so. I would like to think that she would be still recovering, but she would have a fighting chance and Emmalee was a fighter," said Mensen.

We'll never know the answer to that 'what if' question.

But Mensen says she's happy Emmalee finally will have some justice.

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