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45 cats found in Eastern Iowa home

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Nearly 45 cats are now in need of a home after two Eastern Iowa shelters rescued them from a hoarder home situation.

This happened just outside of Beaman, in rural Grundy County.

Rescuers found around 45 cats, not all of them alive, in deplorable conditions.

The tenant moved out, and now the cats are being cared for.

Although the cats are safe now, there's a big burden on the rescuers shoulders to bring them back to health.

Denis Yantis and her friend Amy Haas-Gray both run small shelters.

"I've seen some pretty bad things," said Haas-Gray. "Some hoarder situations, some dead animal cases, but this is the worse I've been in. And my first thought was, 'oh my God, these cats suffered horribly, horribly.'"

Rescuing the cats proved no easy feat.

The garbage spilling out onto the lawn was like an obstacle course, and the smell, coming from the living and dead cats, was like knock-out gas.

"My car would reek for days, just having the cat carriers in my car," said Haas-Gray. "So you can imagine having a few cats in my car the smell, multiply that by 1000 and that's how the house smells."

Haas-Gray and Yantis took every cat into their individual rescue centers, which they say was extremely mentally taxing.

"It was tiring, stressful, it was a lot of work," said Yantis.

All of the cats have medical issues -- worms, respiratory issues, and skin disease.

Both women have taken on all the costs of caring for the cats on their own.

Their shelters are full which is preventing them from helping other animals.

If you're interested in taking in one of these cats, here is Denise Yantis's information:


Email: yahcats@yahoo.com

Phone: 641-752-4766

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