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A new way to fight pain

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Have you tried it all?

Aspirin, a chiropractor, a massage, and nothing seems to stop the pain?

Well there's a new form of pain relief that some physical therapists are recommending.

A physical therapist at Allen Hospital says how this works is they find a tight muscle, or what a lot of people call knots. Then they insert a tiny needle.

Once the physical therapist hits the tight spot with the needle, the muscle twitches and relaxes.

These needles are so small, many patients say they barely feel them going in.

Patient Dawn Anderson says this is a solution she's been searching for for a long time.

Combined with posture exercises, this can lead to a long-term solution.

Curious about the cost? Hospital employees say the cost differs for each patient because each case is different.

They did say insurance usually does cover the procedure. They'd recommend patients check with their insurance companies to make sure.

Physical therapists say dry needling is not for everyone. If you have a needle phobia, it is not recommended.

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