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The Story Behind the Iowa DNR Deer

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In a KWWL follow-up, an Eastern Iowa deer is going viral, having now hitting more 10,000 likes on the DNR Facebook pages.

The deer looking right into the DNR office in Manchester.
 It's been shared more than 2,000 times in two days. 

 But the young deer wasn't alone. She and her friend loved it so much Monday, they came back Tuesday for an other visit.

The curious little face showed up at the Manchester DNR office on a bitter cold morning looking as if it was longing to get in.
The two young deer were just outside Lisa Meader's front office.
"I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it was here and that it stood there for like two minutes," said Lisa Meader from the Iowa DNR.

The DNR office door is mirrored. You can see your own reflection and they believe the deer could too; captivated for nearly two minutes by its own reflection.

It is the first time since the DNR moved into this office in the late 80's that they have had special visitors like these.
And for many, it was as close as they will ever be to a deer.
"Had a real cute fuzzy face. You know just like any baby animal," said Meader.

Munching on the few evergreen bushes in front of the office, they didn't seem to mind the commotion of heavy traffic on the state highway just yards away.
After two visits, the office is hoping to see them again; now considering them the office mascots and naming them.
"First it was Moe and Curly. And then no, they are girls, so it can't be that. So I decided Laverne and Shirley because I loved that show when I was growing up. So I thought that was kind of cute," said Meader.

Laverne and Shirley being the popular TV comedy that aired in the 70's and early 80's.
The office hoping Laverne and Shirley come back for a third visit?
 But for now all that remains are a few tracks in the snow and some pretty cute picture of something you will probably only see in Iowa.

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