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KWWL meteorologist sees bag of stolen cash from bank robbery

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KWWL meteorologist Kyle Kiel had an interesting day off this week.

He was near the apartment complex where police say Jon Ellingson hid a bag of cash that he allegedly stole from First National Bank in Cedar Falls.

Cedar Falls police say Ellingson ditched the money in a nearby apartment complex, after possibly hearing sirens and knowing police were out searching for him.

Kyle says, "I looked over one of the officer's shoulders and I saw what looked like a grocery bag full of money just sitting right here."

But how did Ellingson get into a locked apartment building? Police say a woman who lives there was outside, when Ellingson approached her.

"You know we are Iowa...we are nice people and it was cold. The guy told said that he forgot his keys and asked if she could let him in," Kyle says.

Ellingson got in and hid the cash but police say it could have been much worse.

"In a scenario like this when you have a person who committed a crime, you don't know how desperate they may be to get in there to hide or what their intentions are so you have to use your best judgment and never let strangers in."

Ellingson of Cedar Falls has been charged with second degree robbery.

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