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Smartphone app. catches Waterloo thieves

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Ashley Bruno compares herself to a professor investigator, after she saw people breaking into her mother's Waterloo home through a surveillance camera app. on her smartphone and IPad.

"I just had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen," she says.

Saturday morning, her mother's home in Waterloo was robbed. Ashley went by to check it out because her mother was out of town. The door was kicked in and electronics were stolen, so that's when Ashley took matters into her own hands.

"I was getting freaked out in my own little head and told myself I didn't want to stay there, so I went up to her house and set up a camera on the tablet I had," she says.

It's called the Warden- Cam home security app. putting Ashley's eyes right in the middle of her mother's home.

"I just put my Google account on both things and logged in and that's how it worked," she says.

Later Saturday night, she saw something on the video, a light flickering. Someone came back to the house...trying to break in a second time. They fell into her trap.

"I was excited we called 911 and I was like yeah we are going to get them! We called like you gotta hurry up..and they said we are right around the corner," she says.

Ashley says she recognized 19-year-old Isaiah Zacharias, a friend of the family as one of the people who allegedly broke in.

Police arrested him and 17-year-old Natasha Herrmann and both teenagers are charged with burglary.

Waterloo police credit Ashley for her quick thinking and she's is pretty proud of herself too.

"I was pretty happy my whole family thinks I am some kind of hero but I'm not a hero..I'm just a spy," she says.

The app. is free for all smartphone users.

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